20/ 08/ 2013

Why I’m Not Rich And Famous

   These stage of my life I kind of or somewhat figured out already why I’m not or why I did not become the likes of Steve Jobs,Julia Roberts,Ana Wintour,Oprah(I don’t know how to spell her last name I’m too lazy to google that),Bill Gates and the rest of the rich and famous,BECAUSE I’M Complicated…..I love and want to do so many things,I don’t have a FOCUS(is there a blinder for humans?I think I need one),,If I could only focus on one thing, one like,one passion,one goal then I could have probably excelled,,,because…my theory is,,,,,,,chaotic(complicated and numerous number of likes-more like bipolar) and unfocused wants and likes exhausted me,my energy  should have been channeled to one Love only…that’s how Steve Jobs became Steve Jobs,he was obsessed with his craft just one and only craft,,,,the MAC,,,( I should know I read the book Steve Jobs),Julia Roberts with arts,Ana Wintour with fashion and the rest you already know,here’s another Bing theory,I’m sure you’ve already heard of the quote”life is a stage,we are our own actors of our own drama series”,,something like that,imagine if we were all Steve Jobs and Ana Wintour,then there would be no spectator,I guess we, or I just have to accept that I’m a commoner that behind my back people also talk about me the cute and inspiring way and I don’t have to be rich and famous to inspire you do I???and quite frankly???I don’t think I’d be able to handle famousity(yes there is a word famousity,that one I googled haha-definition from urban dictionary).


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