18/ 06/ 2014

Word Of The Day, Empower

Took me ages to decide to come back and blog again (sounds redundant eh???),lately I was overwhelmed by  the most grueling  job ever (being an eldest),Lord it’s actually harder than being a mom.I almost wanted to stop (blogging),but then I saw how much I have empowered other women (It’s not like they’re gonna die without me,but  it’s inspiring to hear the genuine thank yous from them).So yay here I am,I’m back with new visions,goals and inspirations,thanks for visiting  today,no promises but I know I’m not ready to give up my passion yet (did I hear you say yayyy???,,thank you,thank you).

These photos were taken on our last “out of the house” trip,we decided we wanted to sleep in a hotel and swim,(We think that) it’s actually cheaper to do it this way,because water parks will only let you stay for 4 hours (plus water parks are too crowded),and they charge almost the same as the hotels,so with a little extra (with lots of perks with it like free ice cream,free movie,goodie bags for the kids)  we  booked a 1 day “out of the house” trip to celebrate father’s day and to make the girls feel that school break is really a break  (we live 15  minutes from this place).


Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo. (Gosh I miss saying that!!! or typing that).

2 responses to “Word Of The Day, Empower”

  1. elb743 says:

    Bing, Love those fabulous printed pants on you, styled so well and so comfy looking! I am glad you ahd your day ” out of the house” !. That was clever and good for you!
    XX, Elle

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