27/ 05/ 2015

Wrong Way



This is a story of two hungry and lost Filipinos who wanted Italian but ended up having Chinese instead.

All week-long I was  craving of anything Italian,the smell of cheese and tomato sauce,then it was time to choose which Italian restaurant to go?.After thinking it through our rumbly tummies (Boyfriend and mine) were bossier than my cravings, and since we didn’t really know which Italian place to choose,we settled for something quick and familiar,a Chinese food in this case hehe.

Next time I will do a better research,and will not let my hunger dictate my palate,next target,,,,a good burger place haha,maybe you know a good one,I’m open for suggestions,thank you.


Red dress:H&M,Gladiator shoes:DSW

imageimageimageimageThanx for visiting my blog,xoxo. 

8 responses to “Wrong Way”

  1. Great look , i just love it !

  2. Elle says:

    OMG Bing I love this outfit on you! The red dress is so perfect on you, what a figure you have! I also love the gladiator sandals, and I often do not, these are very chic and simple and really compliments the dress.
    I know about the dining dilemma… it is hard to thing rationally when you are so hungry, but i loved the story!
    xx, Elle

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