23/ 08/ 2013

You’ll Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone

     “I’m practicing my English,I’m going to America”…..my sisters and my friend Jhen sure remember that punchline,,,,they usually hear me say that every time they change the channel from a western show to a Filipino soap,I disliked watching our own soaps or listening to our own OPM(Original  Pilipino Music).I had an illusion then that I’m white( maybe that’s why I got this vitiligo-its the white side of me trying to come out).I try to talk and sound like the girls in Beverly Hills 90210(it never happened though,I still have my twang and I intend to keep that)I would spend countless number of hours watching MTV and try to mimic the lady VJs,,,,(that kind of helped me at one point I got an 8 in speaking on my IELTS test,ehem I’m bragging again)HA!!to that,that’s the kind of mindset I had before coming to America,,,But everything changed when homesickness sink in,few months of being away from home I got tired of hearing English everywhere,I missed the Love radio station that mamang driver played in his jeepney and the ever famous “kailangan pa bang imemorize yan”I missed the filipino TV commercials,and most of all I miss speaking tagalog at work,a classic tale of “you’ll gonna miss me when I’m gone”.Call me what ever you want to call me,but I’m a changed Filipino now,it’s a shame  I had to travel 5,000 miles to realize that,and to realize that my accent is cute,and that it’s okay to have TWANG,sure German,British and Aussie accents are cute but did you know that ours sound cute to them too??(someone,not pinoy told me that).Thanks for visiting my blog.P.S. your girlfriend here is sick,please be safe and don’t get sick.xoxo.


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