14/ 01/ 2014

Yvonne’s Little Treat

   February is my 2nd favorite month of the year,because 1.it’s my birthday month and 2. it’s also my friend Yvonne’s birthday. I know I know I am not confuse,I know very well that it’s January,but I cannot contain my excitement.In fact my excitement has been brewing since December when I bought her a bracelet with her initials to match mine.
 But my excitement cannot end in that tiny black box,because her real present is not gonna fit  there,they are my “TIME and ENTHUSIASM” which I cannot wait till February to unwrap them with her.
On this post let me take you to the 7 things we did with her “Time&enthusiasm” present.
1st stop.Facial.
3rd.Nail spa we both had our pedicure done,I skipped facial and haircut..I just had that done.
4th.Enjoyed sushi..I can’t skip this one of course.
5th.Outfit shopping.
6th.Treat her to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant for  Thai tea…but she paid for the tea,,,so I guess that’s her treat haha.
and 7th. ended the day at home for Boyfriend’s special “sinigang” which is Yvonne’s favorite,and took lots of photos…to make this moment even more memorable.
Don’t you sometimes wish I’m your friend???joke….:)haha.
Have an enthusiastic day everyone,xoxo.
We went to the sushi place wearing our pedi sleepers:) 
Would you believe none of the employees here knew what Ah-So stands for???we told them that in our country Aso (pronounced same way as Ah-so) means dog!!!!,our server left us for few seconds shared what we told him with the rest of the employees and we heard a loud crack at the back,he came back and reassured us their sushis don’t have dog in them…..another haha.
I think Yvonne is saying,Thank youuuuu…..eh???
1819Advance happy birthday Yvonne:)20
Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

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  1. Irene s says:

    You guys seemed to enjoy yourselves. .. 🙂

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